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First time charging should be 4 hrs.
Once fully charged, any full charge cycle is 3 hrs.
When fully charged, the battery can hold up to 90 minutes of recording time (1.5 hours). To fully charge the camera please use the wall socket.
Connected to an external power bank with 5V and current of 1A-1.5A, you can record as much as the microSD card allows.

A few power banks (with links) we tested to work with our Vuze cameras:
Lumina 15000
Mi 10000
Mi 20000

When the microSD card is full, switch to an empty one and keep recording.

The power bank does not charge the internal battery of the camera, it's powering the camera directly.

Note: You may need to hide the power bank under your camera to avoid interfering with the camera’s field of view, you can use a special USB connector with a folded neck such as this one so no cables would be visible as well.

Useful tips:

  • In VUZE-1 connect the USB cable to the camera first, only then to the power side.
  • Use high quality cable. As short as possible. Long cable reduces charging current.

For further information about Vuze different power supplies and application please see the table below.


  • SDP – Standard Downstream Port
  • DCP - Dedicated Charging Port
  • CDP - Charging Downstream Port
USB compatibility table